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Envision, achieving new heights

A leader in high performance, commercial vinyl window systems, introduces the next generation of windows for mid- and high-rise building applications, the Envision Series.

Energy codes continue to evolve, requiring new approaches to building cladding and fenestration design. A ground-breaking new window and door system, the Envision Series combines the proven energy efficiency of PVC with the robust structural strength needed in high wind load applications. Providing new design freedom with multiple fused colors, the Envision Series is available in a wide variety of weather-tight configurations.

Strength and beauty

A vinyl window designed to meet the strict structural performance standards of the AW classification, Envision provides the thermal performance you would expect from vinyl windows, while offering the structural integrity of aluminum windows. Whether it's a building-length ribbon wall or a single window configured for your contemporary mixed use project, every panel can be designed for the space behind it. Architectural bronze on the exterior and adobe on the inside? It can now be done with Envision's patented dual-coextrusion, color infused process.

Aluminum windows have become all but nonexistent in new residential applications. Cold and inefficient, they have been replaced by vinyl framed products. Available in fixed, hopper, in-swing casement and hinged door operation types, or combinations of each, Envision's fusion welded corners and warm, condensation resistant vinyl frames are here to offer a step up for the commercial window market.

The evolution is complete for mid- and high-rise commercial and mixed use applications. The future belongs to the Envision Series.

Specify the ideal mix of strength, energy performance and aesthetics with Envision.


Example Configurations
Standard Features on all Configurations:
  • COMPRESSION-SEAL DESIGN enhances protection against water intrusion, air infiltration, and allows ease of glass replacement
  • VINYL FRAMES increase thermal performance, add color options and reduce condensation
  • FRAME AND SASH are designed to accommodate heavy duty reinforcements designed for taller buildings and commercial applications
  • FUSION WELDED CORNERS provide environmental comfort and protect against leaks
  • MULTIPLE LOCKING POINTS ensure security and provide a triple weather seal for superior air and water resistance
  • EASY TO OPERATE HARDWARE delivers a wide opening for ventilation and cleaning
  • INTEGRAL BAR allows for freedom of design while maintaining structural and thermal performance